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20th March 2013

6:38pm: I'm falling in love with you.

Thank you for texting me back.

It's so easy being with you. I feel so comfortable with you. You're my breath of fresh air. It feels right. It just is. I can't stop smiling. I feel full.
Current Mood: rejuvenated

26th June 2006

1:13am: never forget what you have waiting at home...or across the country
sphoenix33: i cant answer it because i never thought id be where i am today but i am...and to be honest, i am so happy with steve, hes an amazing guy, i would never do anything to jepardize my relationship with him.

makes sense and sounds like you
proud of you
Current Mood: grateful

21st June 2006

1:12am: WOOP WOOP







Current Mood: ecstatic

4th May 2006

3:47pm: Fancy
I'm sittin here in Vegas right now and it's so crazy. We finally arrived after many days of driving. It was a great trip though. The driving really wasn't bad at all. Atleast when we were in the car it was different scenery and not the same 9 hour drive I'm always going on. The first night we stopped in Nebraska and the secocnd we stayed in Salt Lake City...I actaully REALLY really liked it there. I think Utah is my favorite state that we went through on our way here. It was really nice because the downtown area was really built up but you can see mountains in the distance and if you drive just a little ways from town its totally open land. It's not city after city like it is at home. That night we met Bree for dinner and it was awesome. I'm so glad we got to meet up with her there...she hung out with us for a little bit after and then we invented a new drinking game...that was just recently named...what the hell do you know aka quiz game. haha.
(The cat just biffed it and it was really funny)

We got into Vegas last night and hung out with Sarah (very exciting!) and Jenny and Denise. It was fun. I'm so glad I'm here. I can't believe that I actually am...but...I am! If someone had told me even just a few months ago that I would be here right now I would have laughed in their face.

Today we did a little shopping for food and things. Washed the car. We are going to a bbq in a couple hours. Should be a good time...I just home I don't burn to a crisp...that would be tragic!

I like this traveling and seeing what else the country has to offer...however, I am fairly convinced that no place will offer the feeling I get when I am home in Hancock...that town is one of a kind. I really like everything about it. It doesn't have a lot of growing room in the sense of career wise. I'm not so hot on that. It would be an amazing place to perhaps have a cabin. There is a sense of confort, peace, security, and closeness that I truely don't believe I'll be able to find anywhere else.
It doesn't offer career growth really but at the same time living there has taught me that there is SOOO much more to life than everyone thinks. It doesn't have to be crazy and over the edge. The simple life I am convinced is the happiest of them all. Living there has really made me realize the things that are TRUELY important in life. Living and loving, not matierial things and money.

Kiendra...I miss you like nuts man!!! We'll see eachother soon...hopefully next time you come down you can stay with me a night or two or more. Let me know when you're coming. Sorry about the house...I wish I was there to help you!
Current Mood: cheerful

30th April 2006

3:24pm: Amazing.
It's been WAY too long since I've been on here last...
I'm not really sure where to start, don't really have anything specific to say. I'm home from school and it's actually nice to be here. I'm exicted to get my butt in gear and start making some serious cash flow. I start at the restaurant when I get back, yipee!

I feel like I should make a new online journal...I don't know why I just feel like I'm in a whole new life set right now and I'm moving forward. This journal has been with me for about two years roughly and it might be time to move on...we'll see if I actually get around to doing that...

Life has been beyond amazing lately I don't even know what to do with myself or what to say about it.

I haven't been this happy about it or anything in a looong time. Amazing is the new word.

My appologies go out to Kiendra who had to deal with us this week...You know I love you!
As she has already mentioned in her journal, Kiendra and I are doing a fitness thing this summer. We are each going to loose 20 lbs, the loser of that has to buy the other one dinner. We are also doing a fitness test thingy with pushups and sit ups and squats and pull ups when I move back up north. The loser of that one has to buy the alcohol to go along with our dinner and then we are going to have an amazing roomates night together, I'm very excited about it. Can't wait to go bckc up there and be silly with my Kiendra! (she doesn't like when I spell her name like that, but that's how I say it so that's how I spell it.)

My appologies also go out to those of you that don't want to know this, so you don't have to read it.
Yesterday was graduation and I was SOOO tired, I had to literally use everything and more in me to stay awake. Perhaps if I had gotten more than 2 1/2 hours the night before it would have been a little easier. Then we packed up all the stuff and came back out to FH. Had dinner with the family and it was great. They were so good to me, I really liked everyone of them. The made me feel so comfortable. It couldn't have been better.
Ended great.

So happy. That's all I have to say about everything. Amazing.

22nd March 2006

11:50am: asdf
SJIwantyou: hey i wanted to ask you what the deal was with lauren going to school there
SJIwantyou: like i tried to talk to her about it a couple weeks ago and she got all defensive and pissed off
SJIwantyou: and i was like ok dude i'm just ASKING you about it, not telling you that you shouldn't go
sphoenix33: i think it was becuase she felt like you were downing her because shes not going to a 'better' school. like finlandia isnt good enough and she could do better
SJIwantyou: mmm
SJIwantyou: i was trying to tell her that bc i know that finances has been an issue
sphoenix33: its actually cheaper to go here than it is ferris
SJIwantyou: oooh
SJIwantyou: but thats still more than UM, right?
sphoenix33: yes
sphoenix33: she was never going to go to UM though so shes still going to be spending more than there tuition
SJIwantyou: yea
SJIwantyou: no i think it's good that she's going away to school
sphoenix33: its not like im not getting a good education here...which is what i feel you think. i think im getting a better (even though i know you wont agree) one than if i went to UM, its much more personal and we can do more because of the smaller class sizes
sphoenix33: and we are actually on the prinston review
SJIwantyou: yea no no i have a bit of the UM pretentious thing going on
sphoenix33: yes, i know this
SJIwantyou: even though i've tried hard to separate myself from it
SJIwantyou: bah
SJIwantyou: :-\
sphoenix33: ya
SJIwantyou: even here at UCT too
SJIwantyou: i'm like, what this isn't an education
SJIwantyou: (well it really isn't that good)

17th January 2006

2:19pm: Kristen,
Attention must be given to your inner processes now, and that might require going somewhere quiet. Spending a peaceful evening at home could be quite revealing. Or, if you cannot find solace there, try a few hours at the library. Anyplace that you can be alone with your own thoughts will help you prepare for the days ahead.

It may continue to be difficult for you to find balance in your life. You want it all and are less willing these days to accept anything less. The biggest problem with this kind of grandiose thinking is that you can set yourself up for grandiose disappointments. Work at keeping things in perspective.

14th January 2006

1:29pm: we'll see
certainly i wont sit around waiting for you, that could be forever. but also, im not interested in talking to a few guys and not really truely caring for them. yea sure they are fun yada yada, but thats it. but i dont want that anymore. i want to be myself. by myself. until that one day when that someone comes along to accompany me on this journy of life. until then, i wait. i wait in the back of my mind but live everyday to the fullest as i can in the front.

heres to living for me and only me until i find someone to live it with
Current Mood: confused

13th January 2006

5:38pm: help
i dont know what to do...someone please tell me what to do
Current Mood: pessimistic

11th January 2006

1:52pm: hm
Other people can change you in ways that are quite profound today, but you'll need to be open to what they have to say. Close-mindedness isn't your normal style, but fear of the unknown can make your defenses go up and increase your resistance. Listen to what someone else has to say before you snap back with the clever repartee.
Current Mood: content

5th January 2006

9:35pm: whats been going on
well break is almost over...bree came home with me, she left just a couple days ago. it was a good time. im glad she came with me. we watched lots of law and order, some movies, played lots of games...all kindsa stuff.

her last night here her and i, amy, karen and joey all went out to dinner...we decided to go to red robin which turned out to be a good choice. we had a cute and funny waiter and we joked around with him and a couple of the other waiters when we were there...it was so much fun. i ended up leaving my number for him and he text messaged me when he got out of work that night. we write back and forth til like 215 that night. he went to the pistons game and we talked a little bit the next night then last night i met him and his friend up at greens for a little bit it was fun. they were hillarious. then today for lunch me and amy and karen went back to eat at red robin...it was fun. we filled out an evaluation thing, it was great.
hes so cute and so much fun.

now grandma is in the hospital...i think she might have surgery...we are still waiting...if that happends then i think casey and i are going to wait to go back up north. it will turn out good though. im sure.

leah should come home today from france. im going to meet up with her tomorrow and take casey to get her new comp. and hang out at laurens bday party with the big girls from the barn. wahoo...
Current Mood: cheerful

15th December 2005

6:42pm: free.
This Full Moon is in your sign and you are feeling the pull of your own emotions quite strongly now. It may, however, be difficult to act on what you feel. The biggest danger you currently face is a loss of perspective. It's all too easy to blow something out of proportion. Even if you are very sure of a newly chosen path, let the energies settle for a day or two before making any changes in your overall plans.

hes gone.
Current Mood: tired

14th December 2005

5:29pm: shitty

13th December 2005

3:32am: fuck her, shes a cocky ass bastard when she drinks and if she thinks she can try and fight her friends when shes drunk, she has something coming to her thats for damn sure

if she thinks she is going to wake up tomorrow and laugh about it and be all oh shit haha sorry, fuck that, not cool

9th December 2005

3:04am: where r u
time keeps winding down as it usually does. but its strange this time. i feel so much and you dont barely know any of it. i miss you so much. ive told you its like living two different lives but its more than that because its almost as if this life you arent even a part of. its so sad. i could really use you right now and lately. i dont even know whats been going on with you and i hate that. it makes me feel bad as if i dont care but ofcourse thats not true. sometimes its just harder to keep in touch so much more than you thought it would be. sucks.

i think im going to try to go to sleep. i have a paper to write before class tomorrow. but ill be honest. i dont want to do it right now. so i guess ill be craming it in tomorrow. and i have a test at 915 and do you think i know what its on...no ofcourse not, why would i know something as simple as that?
im so f-ing dumb sometimes. oh well.
Current Mood: lonely

8th December 2005

9:35pm: today
You may be required to be in charge today. The good news is that there's an abundance of energy available. The bad news is that waves of doubt may arise throughout the day. If you encounter uncertainty, use it to clarify your plans and get yourself on track. Follow a schedule as much as you are able, but be ready to improvise when opportunity strikes.

7th December 2005

10:12pm: last wednesday uphill...
Current Mood: indifferent
3:25am: one week.
Current Mood: sad

6th December 2005

3:31pm: today cont...
You may be torn between dreaming about the possibilities before you and needing to deal with the immediate details of your job. On one hand, your fantasies are extremely important to your well-being now. They widen your thinking and show you previously unknown potential. Yet, if you don't stay focused, little problems will quickly get out of hand. It's better to deal with the real world today than to drift away with your imagination.

so overwhelmed with school right now it sucks. i am doing so bad in all my classes. i dont know what the fuck my problem is. i always do this to myself. put it off put it off. and now look. im fucked. i hate school. i hate procrastinating. i hate being lazy. i need to get off my ass and do shit. wtf.

5th December 2005

9:56pm: horoscoooooooooopes
This New Moon occurs in your 7th House of Significant Others and therefore impacts your life in the area of partnerships. Even those intimate relationships that are considered solid should be given additional attention now or they could unravel. Remember, your awareness changes as feelings are expressed and what you do with your new perspective today will surely affect the days ahead.

Today is the last day of the Mercury retrograde period, which strongly affects you because it's your ruling planet. You continue to encounter resistance to your plans, but can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. There is no room for impulsive behavior. Keep focused on your long-term goals and be patient, for you are closing in on your target.
Current Mood: calm
9:51pm: Kristen,
You might say things today that express deeper feelings than you typically share. Go for it, Gemini, for when you reveal your heart, others realize that you are more than just clever. You have a powerful reserve of emotions that often get set aside. Just remember that you can overdo anything now, so pay attention to the reactions you get and know when to stop.

4th December 2005

2:39pm: whats been going on
I went home for Thanksgiving last week. It was really really nice to be home. I didn't get to do a whole lot...I ended up getting whiplash on our way down...we spun out going 65mph. But I still had a really good time, spent lots of time with Mom and Dad and Baba, saw the whole family. Finally got to hold my nephews. Mom and I went over to Chris's for a few, saw his family...love them. Wahoo
I didn't really talk to too many people from school while I was home. It was nice to have time away from all of them. Talked to FinK for a little bit one night and that's about it. On our way back to school we got a flat tire, it was an interesting night, that's for sure.
Moday I think we all just hung out and drank.
Didn't do too much Tuesday.
Wednesday Me, Jarno, Lasse, Ashley and Ilkka all went to the Edge, got some info on tatoos and stuff. Then later that night everyone came over...Ashley, Jarno, Jordan, Sarah, Jonna, Lasse and I don't know who else...we drank before we went to Uphill. It was a good night..
Thursday we went back to the Edge and made appointments.
Friday I drank all day. Sarah and I started after lunch...then went to two classes and dinner. That night Jarno, Jordan, Sarah, Jonna, Amanda, Joe, Jamie, Johanna, Lasse, Ilkka and two dumb girls came over. It was so much fun. We made a couple videos...they are hillarious! About midnight Me, Jarno, Jamie, Jonna, Johanna, Lasse and Ilkka all went down to the Crystal Room to play some pool it was fun. Jamie and I lost every game we played but it was still fun. Everyone left but Jarno and I stayed back and hung out and talked there til we got kicked out at 230 and walked home. It was a lot of fun.
Saturday Me, Jarno, Lasse and Ilkka all went to the Edge. Jarno went first, then me and then Lasse. It was a good day. We are all happy with them. Casey, Becky, Jess and Amanda all met us there and hung out and watched. After that me and the Fins went to Perkins and Econo. I got home and Jordan was here and we all hung out again, much more mellow of a night. Besides our taping of Americas Next Top Model. haha. I have to bring our video camera up next semester, these videos are great. Everyone left and it was just me, Casey and CJ then FinK came for a little bit and I went to bed about 430.
Today I met Bree and ate lunch and now we are sitting on our lazy asses watching tv. I'm about to jump in the shower.
We only have one week left of classes and then one week of finals and then it's over. I can't believe how fast it's gone.
Very sad ;o( Might as well enjoy it while it lasts though.
Current Mood: content

23rd November 2005

3:23pm: Kristen,
A little friction at home can make life complicated now. While it may be easy to feel like you're being criticized, there is no sense getting bent out of shape over it, because that won't end the conflict. You will only escalate it to a new level. Stick to the facts and deal with each issue individually. Intelligence and kindness can help you fix almost anything.

Current Mood: anxious

21st November 2005

2:38am: talking is good.
thats all i have to say right now.

yee adem ouy eelf adb nda ays oury orrys...yee idntd nowk hatt asw ossiblep...irstf imet howings motionse...oww.

and kendra...i know we didnt hang out last night or tonight but i love you and we will hang out more when i get back. have a great week...try not to burn the house down and ill talk to you soon...love you tons.
Current Mood: satisfied

17th November 2005

11:23pm: Honesty and integrity are your best weapons for success.
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